How did the wolf get a bad reputation

How did the wolf get a bad reputation?

For many years the wolf has had a bad reputation. How it all did started well here are some reasons why I believe the wolf has had a bad reputation.

For many years there had been children stories written like little red riding hood, the three little pigs, the boy who cried wolf and more. But some might say they are just children’s book yes they are children’s book but all made the wolf look bad. When I was a young kid I had heard heaps of wolf stories that make the wolf bad. My point is that the young people at a young age all think the wolf is bad because of those stories.  Nothing can be further from the truth. Also its not just the stories I believe that the wolf is mostly blamed for the sheep kill in the farms if you had read my first blog you would have seen a statistic of sheep kill made by national geographic themselves . As the stats say the wolves are only 1 % 1,300 sheep while the coyote was at 25, 3 % 31,600 sheep kill. But yet the wolf was blamed for the sheep kill. I have also seen comments made by people saying that wolves kill for the fun of it. But that is not the truth if those people did there homework right they would know that wolves hunt for the sick and elderly elks and bison not the healthy, The healthy lives on while the sick and wounded gets hunted that how the ecosystem works .There are to saying I have read before which I totally agree on here they are

We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves. That was said by Gerald Hausman

And the other is

The wolf he is in our eyes neither ugly nor beautiful but a dreaded monster a carnivorous thief that lurks through our imagination.

But how is this true? If the wolf is so close to man’s very own best friend.

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